Chronological List of Parish Priests

In 1579 A.D., the Jesuit priest Manuel Texeira from Goa visited Arthunkal As on request by the Christians, he arranged Fr Gasper Pius to be appointed in Arthunkal for their spritual services in 1581. The Portuguese missionaries established "Santharthre mission" and King granted permission in November, 1581.

Pius Arattukulam

Rector Rev Fr.Stephan Pazhambasseril (2010 - Present)

Pius Arattukulam

Rev.Fr. Pius Arattukulam 2005--2010

mariyan jose periera

Fr. Mariyan Jose Periera.2000--2005

paul arackal

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Paul Arackal, 1995--2000

rev. fr. andrewstheckkveeden

Rev. Fr. AndrewsTheckkVeeden

dominic koil parampil

Rev. Dr. Dominic Koil Parampil, 1990--1995


Msgr Peter Karumancherry, 1985--1990

Msgr Daniel Kurisunkal

Msgr Daniel Kurisunkal who completed the present church, 1970--1985

Msgr Silvarius Jackson

Msgr Silvarius Jackson 1950---1960
who later became the first Vicar General of the diocese of Alappuzha

Fr. Sebastian Presentation 1915---

fr.vinsenthyies bernard das navies

Fr.Vinsenthyies Bernard das Navies 1905-- 1919 foundation stone for the present new church was laid

xavriyar thy thereath

Fr.Francisck Xavriyar Thy Thereath 1890--1905

blessed chavara kuriyakose ealiyas

1829. Blessed Chavara Kuriyakose Ealiyas was ordained by Rt. Rev. Dr. Stabalini the Bishop of Verapoly who was residing in Arthunkal St.Andrew's church

19th century,Fr Gasper Bylon de Mariatoris Kaithavalappil first local priest to take charge of Arthunkal Church. 1890


1640, Fr. Fossaseka who took charge after Fr.Fenicio rebuilt the church facing towards west.

(8)eight priests took charge in succession.


Fr Jacomo Fenicio S.J. 1558--1632


and in the next year, he reconstructed the church. He was much loved and was considered a holy man by the people and the administrators. People called him saint and 'Veluthachan', meaning white father. 'Veluthachan' later became the popular name of St. Sebastian. He died in 1632


Fr Jacomo Fenicio S.J. 1558--1632


First vicar was Fr. Gasper Pius S.J. In 1581 A.D.

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